10 Life Hacks To Make This Summer Bearable.

As the scorching heat of Summer reaches great heights, all of us should know about some amazing hacks to cope up with the heat and keep ourselves cool and hydrated. Time to put your jackets away, people… Summer is here!

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We have compiled some hacks for our beloved readers to make the Summers easy and bearable!

I. A Fix For Coffee Addicts.

It’s not easy to let go of the hot cup of coffee we’ve been sipping on all Winters. Don’t stop brewing that coffee though… make coffee ice cubes for a chilled cold coffee that would satisfy your soul.

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II. Grab your Sunscreens, Guys!

Multiple medical organizations recommend daily use of sunblocks in Summers because protection from UVA is vital for the prevention of skin cancers. So save yourself from those BAD sun tans and burns!

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look what happens when you don’t! 😀

III. Infused Water to the Rescue!

Carrying a water bottle is essential in this searing heat. If you add slices of lemon, orange, grapefruit, cucumber or any of your favorite citrus fruits… it’s just an instant boost of energy and keeps you fully hydrated!

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So refreshing!


Who is not in the dire need of the hack that shoos away those pesky mosquitoes!?
Spraying mint flavoured mouthwash all over yourself keep those bloodsuckers away from you! Go bag some bottles of mouthwashes from the store right now!

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V. Steering wheel hack!

Tired of Hot steering wheels from that Summer sun? The hack is so good that you would actually regret not knowing it all your life!
Just turn it 180 degrees when you park the car! It’ll keep the steering wheel cool when you get back to car and turn it back around!

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Let’s not do this anymore 😛

VI. Aloe cubes to soothe burns and tans.

Frozen aloe vera cubes to soothe your skin from sun burns and tans. Pack a bag of these aloe cubes before going out in Summers!

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VII. Stop those feet from stinking!

Try a Baking soda soak at home for 15 minutes daily! relaxing and useful.
Spray Antiperspirant deodorants just before sliding your feet in your shoes.
Keep tea bags in the shoes to absorb moisture

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VIII. DIY Popsicle Drip Catcher

Its the best season to have that icy cold Popsicle to cool the heat off! But the heat is going to cause the Popsicle to melt in minutes! save those drops from landing on the floor with a cupcake liner! Make your own Drip Catcher!

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IX. Minibar in the pool!

Whats greater than having your favorite drink while chilling out in the swimming pool this Summer? Head over to the WikiHow for a tutorial to make this noodle beverage boat!

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X. Summer hack for Insect bites…

Summer brings along insects and mosquitoes! Here is a hack for you all to Soothe the pain and itching. Lather toothpaste onto the lump. Tadaa! a quick and easy fix to the irritation!

Share your views with us after trying these Summer hacks!
What do you all do to beat the heat?

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