10 ridiculous Desi Myths that would literally crush you!

Being a Desi, you come across the most unbelievably stupid myths and the people who believe in them! These desi myths and “Baro kee baatain” became such an essential part of our lives when we were just naive kids with no sense of right or wrong. We just did what your elders asked us to. But they really should’nt have such an impact on us when we are adults, and yet they do!

And nowadays if you hear someone believing in them, it gets on your nerves, doesn’t it?

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Let me shed some light on those old desi myths!

1. Shaklain na banao hawa lag jayegi!

I mean HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!? And the best part is they had their statement justified by showing a person who had previously had facial paralysis!

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2. Kaali billi ne raasta kaat liya, raasta badal lo.

Haan, safed billi ho tou theak hai. RACIST! 😛 How can a cat decide on your fate!

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3. You took a bite from the pateela? Chalo jee, barish hogi shadi mai pakka!

Okay… licking off food from a cooking pot can predict the weather for the future and of your exact wedding date! Desi Myth: 1, News Reports: Zero.

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4. Does your right palm itch? Paisa anay wala hai 😀

How ridiculously funny that is!?

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5.*Hiccup* and that means someone is missing you!

This was a bit too much don’t you think? 😀

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6. Chaaye se rung kala hojata hai.

And to our surprise some people actually stopped having tea at all!

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7. Don’t walk over someone. You’ll make them shorter!

We used to believe in this and used to ask the person who just walked over to go back. Oh man! how naive were we?

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8. Darker Henna shows the love of your husband/ mother in law.

What is the connection in between these two things?! Did we really believe that!?

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9. Playing with scissors? Your parents are gonna fight.

That’s just scaring poor little kids! and it’s bad!

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10. Birthmark or a mole on your feet? Chalo jee safar ki tayyari karlo.

Given that, every other person would’ve done a world tour already! 😀

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Almost none of the elders were ever able to answer our HOWs, WHYs and WHATs when it came to these ridiculous desi myths.

We all would’ve heard a lot more than these, but these are enough to take you on a nostalgic trip where you had been terrorized multiple times by one or two of these desi myths!

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