10 Struggles of being broke!

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Its true that money can’t buy happiness but it sure can buy all the things that lead to happiness and satisfaction.
All of us often dream of a world that would have everything for free? Sadly, You might find a free shoulder to cry on but not a free world. Nowadays, everything comes with a price tag, and it completely sucks for people who are broke all the time.

Most people work hard to pay rent, most of us spend way too much at the start of the month and some of us spend everything on a shopping spree and are left completely broke the next day. So as it’s the end of the month, this list of struggles goes out for all those who are sailing in the same broke boat!

1. Maggie will never let you sleep on an empty stomach :’)

Every one would second this cause Maggie is the most loyal friend to us at the end of the month! So stock up your maggie stash at the first week of the month. You’re going to get pangs of conscience if you don’t.

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2. You buy Capstan instead of Benson & Hedges.

If you smoke, you know how hard it is to compromise on the taste of a Cigarette. It’s a nightmare when you run out of cigarettes and you’re literally penniless!

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3. Hope for a miracle to find some spare cash in your old clothes!

Leaving some spare change in your pockets or handbags cause you were so rich at the start of the month! Guess what? That just saves your ass at the end!

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4. You go to just one store, i.e. Grocery store.

Somebody wants to know the best place to get a certain dress? You’re out of suggestions. When you’re out of money mostly, all you know about is what place is best for legumes and spices.

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5. Cancelling on Friends.

It gets a lot harder than it seems to be to say NO to friends for a movie that you were waiting to come out for past months or for a dinner at your favorite restaurant.

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6. Flooded wish lists on online stores!

How many of you have scrolled through your favorite online stores and added a multiple things you want or need but couldn’t get them as you’re down and out. Been there, done that.¬†

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7. “Meh… Next month!”

This one hurts so much! But that’s all you gotta say to yourself. EVERY MONTH. :’)

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8. You’re just left with 100 rupees for the fuel..

Running out of fuel at this time of the month is just bad luck! Or maybe God wants you to lose those extra pounds and walk? Just saying… Maybe.
Oh how we wish if our cars would run on water instead *sigh*.

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9. Trying to catch Neighbor’s WiFi.

That unfortunate moment when you realize that the streaming of your favorite show is hindered cause you couldn’t pay the bill, move around, you might just catch some signals from your neighbors.

There is no life without internet, is there?

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10. Using Friend’s phone to make an important call.

While making a call, All you hear is “Dear customer, your remaining balance is less than Rs. 10, Kindly recharge”
You look around for a friend who can let you make a call from his phone. After all that’s what a friend is for, right?

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What do you do when you are broke? Share your stories with us!

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