11 struggles of eating healthy

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Calories are those tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night. You dont even realize what you’re eating until the harm has already been done, and then you fight with yourself to not to eat that last packet of chips in your pantry!

How can you say NO to those mouthwatering pizzas, crispy fried chicken, loaded Burgers and a bottle of chilled coke!?

It’s hard to only imagine, isnt it? Tell us about it! The craving drives you crazy to an extent you just want to explode and cry your eyes out. and then comes the much needed motivational quotes to keep your healthy diet intact! Reminding yourself “Youre just bored, not hungry” or “Shutup, youre thirsty” once or twice should be enough to keep you motivated but the thoughts… how can you stop thinking? Meditate? PFFTTT! WHAT NONSENSE 😀

Grab a big bottle of water cause you’re going to need it to not feel hungry after reading the following! 

Number 1: When someone says “FRIES”

No. You can not fight it. It has been said.

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Number 2: Scrolling down the news-feed, ITS A CURSE!

All the food bloggers just know the right spot to hit that tantalizes your taste buds! Its definitely a curse.

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Number 3: Because KFC is offering a zinger burger for Rs. 50, definitely cheaper than a salad!

Too broke to go for a salad. 😛 sorry!

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Number 4: *Fssstt…* The sound of the bottle of coke being opened!

Coming from a Coke-Addict. It is just not fair.

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Number 5: The crumpling of pack of your favourite crisps!

They call it “Junk food” I call it “Best Munchies”.

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Number 6: Double Cheese Pizza, Triple the calories. Who cares?

If it’s PIZZA. And DOUBLE CHEESE. Then what’re calories?!

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Number 7: What’s better than a Spicy plate of Biryani!?

If you’re a Desi, you just gotta have biryani twice a week! Call it a ritual. DO IT. :’D

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Number 8: When the crunch of lettuce reminds you of Crispy Fried Chicken!

I mean why?! *Drools* Rather go in a food coma than munching on those leaves.

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Number 9: Food is Comforting..

Neuropeptide Y is a hormone that is released because of stress which stimulates your appetite a bit more than usual. Hence, proved.

It’s just stress-eating. Eat. Eat. Hurry! Enjoy while it lasts 😀

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Number 10: Skinny friend who doesn’t gain weight!


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Number 11: CAKE is your dream.

They say “Dreams come true!”. I just hope they do, soon!

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Writing about it was just as hard as it was for you to read! These struggles are REAL. Best of luck with your Healthy Diet!

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