20 Nostalgic things that will take you back to your childhood!

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A throwback to when life was simple yet fun! Here are 21 out of a million things about ’90s and 2000s childhood you probably forgot about.

1. Super Mario!!!

What doesn’t kill you, makes you smaller πŸ˜€

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2. The rounds of Street Cricket!Β 

Who could have had a childhood without all those Gali kay larkay! πŸ˜€

Image result for Street cricket


khasta aur kararay! Wah rey!

Image result for top pops

4. Sega Smash Hits.

Street fighter, Sonic mania, Mortal kombat, Red Alert, Contra etc etc! Ahh..

Image result for sega street fighter

5. Telephone Directory at home.

Image result for telephone directory pakistan book

6. Calling Cards!

Talking to relatives or friends overseas was never a click away!

Image result for calling cards

Β 7. Movies onΒ  RENT!

Checking the picture quality before renting it! πŸ˜€

Image result for video tapes store

8. Guddi/ Buddi kay baal (Cotton candy)!

We do miss collecting fake rupee notes! Dont we? The taste of Cotton Candy is the most relate-able taste for your childhood.
Image result for cotton candy in pakistan

9. Be cool and Play guitar! πŸ˜€

Next thing you know you are a ROCKSTAR!! Even if you only know that one part from Aadat.

Image result for 90s playing guitar gif

10. Fix for Internet!

10 Rupees for an hour!

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11. “The Archie” Comics!

Swapping the comics with friends! best times!

Image result for 90s playing guitar gif

12. Nickelodeon Shows!

Legends of the hidden temple!

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Blues Clues!

Image result for nickelodeon blues clues

13. One PC for everyone!

Waiting all day for that one hour of Computer games! πŸ˜€

14. A picture with Ronald Mcdonald!

Almost everyone have done this!

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15. VCRs.

A video cassette recorder used to be a must have.

Image result for vcr

16. The Toy Games!

These are not even half of them! Right?!

Image result for fishing game toy gifImage result for basketball toy gameImage result for toy gamesImage result for ludo games

17. Cold drinks Glass bottle that has to be returned! πŸ˜€

Image result for coke glass bottles crate

18. Getting a pair of Skates! How good is that!?

Image result for Skates gif

19. The Made-up games.

Ghar ghar, Chocolate chocolate, Chamm chamm, Hide and Seek, Pakram pakrai, and the list goes on!

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20. Got our hands dirty and yet we’re healthy and fine!

Germ just made us stronger! For the very first time… A Toast to the germs! *clinks* πŸ˜€

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