4 Positive ways to pass the time while fasting

The season of blessings is upon us! Millions of Muslims around the world will be fasting for the next month from morning to evening, and boy are we excited! But while Fasting is an extremely spiritual experience, at times, passing the hours can be challenging. The heat definitely makes it tougher!

Fear not, avid-readers. We have a list of 4 ways you can pass the time while fasting, while keeping with the Spirit of Ramadan. And no, we are not going to recommend which shows to watch. Here are a few of the things you can do that are actually very good!

Reciting Quran / Translation

This is really a no-brainer. Reciting the Quran in Ramadan is the best thing you can do while fasting. But even more than that, reading the translation is absolutely incredible. Last Ramadan, instead of just reciting the Quran, I downloaded this app:


The advantage with this app is that you can listen to the recitation, and even hear the translation side by side. And trust me when I say this, hearing the translation changed my entire perspective on life itself. And if you have not read the translations yet, do it this Ramadan. You will feel the hours passing away, and it will give you a sense of peace that is unparalleled to anything else.

Listening to Scholars

There is a reason why Islam is said to be the easiest religion in the world. Because most of the things Islam asks of us are basic human deeds, that everyone should be following anyway. Forget the complexities of the different sects, if we as a community can just follow the life lessons in Islam, we would be the strongest community in the world.

Just listen to these videos and see for yourself how Islam preaches peace, harmony, and tranquility in all aspects of life.

Maulana Tariq Jameel at UMT

Plan Iftaris for the poor

I’m sure there are people in your own circle who are already working on this. Its actually easier than it appears.

Having Rations Packages made from Metro is a very good idea. You can check them out here:

And its easy to distribute them aswell, at Mosques, parks, even to your maids and guards. You can even look for groups on Facebook, like
https://www.facebook.com/justajoopakistan , they do an excellent job every year, and you can join them to do something awesome!

Be Compassionate; Spend time with family

I have always thought that doing chores is not really hard. but doing them CONSISTENTLY is hard. And imagine the people in your family/house who work EVERY DAY. And in Ramadan too!

Compassion and helping others is an integral quality of a Muslim. So, this Ramadan, help your family first. Go out to buy groceries yourself instead of sending someone. Help your mom/dad/sister/brother/spouse cook, or just stay with them and keep them company. Be nice, kind, and forgiving.

The true spirit of Ramadan is to practice restraint. Restraint from food and water is the easy part. But a restraint from thoughts, negativity, arguments and violence, that is the real mission.

Let us spread love and compassion in this holy month, and aim to make the next year as good as this one month.

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