4 Skills you can learn RIGHT NOW!

We spend our whole lives molding ourselves into the people we are today. But do you ever get the feeling that you could be more? Do more? Maybe to impress someone? Or just have better things to do with all that spare time you have at home or at the office? Well worry no longer! Because in the time that you just spend reading this beautiful intro, you could have taken some steps to learn these incredible 4 skills!

Learning the Rubik’s Cube

We have all seen videos of young Asian kids solving the Rubik’s cube in mere seconds. And we have thought to ourselves “wow that kid is smart”. Turns out, you are just as smart! Because it will only take you a few hours to memorize a few tricks to solve the Rubik’s cube yourself! And that is one of those skills that you will never forget!

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Okay so, the first thing you are going to need is, obviously, a Rubik’s cube. You can buy one here for PKR 600, and it’ll get to you in a few days. And even if its hard to master, it still looks so cool sitting on your office desk!

Next, you need to learn a few steps. Before you get confused, its basically a set of moves you need to do, depending on where the colors are. The tutorial is easy, but the process of learning is not. It will take some time! But have patience. Once you learn the tricks, you will be a pro in no time.

The best Rubik’s cube tutorial we found!

Learn basic phrases in a new language!

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Learn a new language today!

Have you heard of that guy who your friend knows who learned a whole new language in a month? You find that hard to believe, but the truth is, learning a new language is a lot easier than you think. Actually, scratch that. Its not that easy. But hey, learning the basic phrases is cool too! If you have some time, and an interest in travelling the world, you should learn a few basic phrases. The Duolingo app has to be the best app for this. While Skills like these take years to master, you can get started right away!

Within a few short minutes, you will learn the basics. It took me only a few hours to learn “Ich bin ein junge”, which in German means “I am a boy”. Now i can validate my masculinity in a whole new language!

Download for Android HERE

Download for iOS HERE

Knitting is so cool!

Now before you say its lame, you need to try it yourself! We picked up a few needles and some yarn a few weeks ago, and it has been EXTREMELY therapeutic and so cool! Oh and, that was actually why we went to Shahalam Market, and wrote about how bad the drive was. Check that out here.

But the the best thing about knitting is that it is EXTREMELY easy! Like, you would be surprised how easy it is!

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It really is all about this ONE move.

Like with the cube, the first thing you need is a set of Knitting needles, and some yarn. You get those online, and they are cheap. The best needles for starters would be an Aluminum set of at least 3.5 mm thickness. You can get that here.

Secondly, you’ll need some yarn. The thicker the better at this point, but ofcource, not too thick. You can get the right one here.

And now, you just need a quick tutorial on how to tie your first loops, and then how to start knitting. And that is All! You’ll find hours going by as you knit with some light music in the background.

This is the Tutorial we used to learn how to knit.

Learn how to play ONE song on Piano

I have met countless people who want to learn music. And while not everyone is inherently musical, you CAN do enough to learn one song. Some people are put off by how complicated Music Theory is, and they think its not for them, but trust me, learning 3 chords is easy. With just these 3 chords, you can add Music to your skills right away!

All you need to know, is how to play “A Minor”, “G Major” and “F Major”. And besides, Im sure everyone has a toy keyboard stowed away in there homes somewhere!

Here’s what they look like:

Image result for piano a minor
The A Minor Chords. Just press the Squares. 3 Notes.

Image result for piano g major
The G Major, similar to the A Minor. Its the next 3 keys to the left.
Image result for piano f major chord
Same as the G, just 3 notes to the left.

And that’s all you need! You will not need any more chords to play not just one, but a LOT of Pakistani and Indian songs. And to prove it, here’s a list of songs you can play by just playing A Minor, G and F! And this list is LITERALLY just the tip of the Iceberg!

  1. Woh Lamhey – Jal
  2. Sajni – Jal
  3. Ae Khuda – Adnan Sami
  4. O Meri Jaan – Adnan Sami
  5. Kaho Ek Din – Ahmed Jahanzeb
  6. Tera Saath ho – Falak
  7. Saathiya – Ali Khan
  8. 70% of all Indian movie songs. Seriously!!!!

And there you have it! 4 Skills you can be learning right now. Have you tried any of these out? Let us know in the comments!

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