6 Struggles of Living Away from Home

The best experience of your life? Or the biggest challenge you will ever face? Most of us, at one point or the other in our life, have lived away from Home. While the Idea of living away is exciting, it brings new challenges that often leave you devastated. Here are our top picks for the biggest challenges of Living Away from Home in Pakistan.

1… Ghar ka Khana

Instant Noodles Zindabad!

Obviously the biggest issue of living away from home is food. Who can forget coming home from school and getting a warm, cooked meal without having to do ANY effort? Now imagine coming home exhausted, opening the fridge, and finding nothing. All you can have in this situation is Maggi; your best friend through thick and thin. We prefer Knorr though. They taste better don’t they? Here are a few recipes for excellent Instant noodles. https://graziadaily.co.uk/life/food-and-drink/easy-super-noodle-recipes/

2… Maintenance!

Changing a light bulb is not always easy.

Living with family we mostly don’t realize just how much work goes into maintaining a home. Something as simple as replacing a light bulb can be ignored for months. I have had my bathroom light go out for so long that I actually turn on the flash on my Mobile every time I go to any bathroom now.

And on top of that, its so overwhelming at times when you get these RANDOM problems! One day you’d be chilling at home, and the next those idiots at LESCO take away your meter, for no reason! And then you run around for days trying to fix everything. Who knew living away from home was this hard?

3… Setting your own bedtime.

Learn to say No!

People often imagine that they would go absolutely crazy when they move away from home. No rules, no problems right? However, once you actually start living alone, you realize that there are ACTUALLY no rules! You can be out till 5 am and no one will stop you. BUT, if you sleep in the next day, no one will wake you up for class. If you get into trouble on the road, your brother wont come to pick you up.

That INDEPENDENCE has a cost. Sure it is fun, but with great power comes great responsibility. This tends to upset your friends though, who envy you for living alone.

4.. Your friends make your house their “Adda”


Sure, it is fun to have your friends come over every other day for late night sittings, gaming and sheesha. But when they leave, you are left cleaning at 4am! Don’t get me wrong, having friends is absolutely essential if you are living away from home. You can not survive without them. But at times, it gets a bit overwhelming.

But its not just the mess. Your friends will often use your place for “Activities” they can not do at their own home. And well, at times, you can not say no. Cue Third Wheel situations.

5… Living away means living Alone.

Shopping alone is not always fun

For most of us, the first 6 months are the hardest. Back home, you must have yelled at your siblings to stay quiet so you can rest, but you miss the noise the most now. Lying in bed alone at night is tough when there is no one around.

It does have its perks. You have all the independence in the world to do things when YOU want to do them. No one tells you to do anything for them. But at times, you really miss going out to buy Milk and Bread for your family.

6… Going back!

Nothing beats a good family dinner!

But then, after all that sadness, even going back is not fun! You first have to pack, travel a long way, and then spend time with people in your home town. So by now, your heart is divided. You WANT to live with people, but you have grown so used to living alone that at the same time, you don’t. Does that make any sense? But then again, you get food, you get a clean bed, and ofcource all that warmth from your family. And NOTHING can beat that.

If you are living away from home, or are going to move away, know that it is the best experience of your life that will change the way you live, forever. But then again, your heart will always be divided. So, to all our readers out there living away from home, we say this. Find happiness in the small things. Enjoy the small trips back home. Find comfort in quick calls to parents. Go crazy with your friends. But know that you are your own man/woman now.

Stay Strong! And enjoy!

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Perks of living alone

Let us know what you think about this! Are you living away from home? How is it going? What is the most difficult thing you have faced so far?

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