6 things Desi Aunties never stop pointing out to you about your life!

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Almost every other girl is a victim of these aunties who can’t stop themselves from throwing everything in your face. A teeny tiny detail about you or your life can make you the target! WATCH OUT GIRLS!!

Aunties are like vampires. They feed on our life and peace of mind. Keeps an eye on everyone’s whereabouts and when you’re at your weakest point then BAM! There they are to suck all the life and peace out of you! They just don’t get tired of criticizing you for WHATEVER you do.

This one question is all we ask!

How does she know more than me about my life!? I mean how in the world is THAT possible!?

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1. “Tch tch, Beta koi khana nai deta ghar mai?”

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2. Wazan kum rakhna chahiye beta, kum khao!


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3. Larkiyo ko tho sharmana chahiye aj kal tho bas kia zamana agaya hai. Mard bannay chali hain!

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4. 25 saal ki hogayi ho, abhi tak to 2 bachay hojanay chahiye thay!

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5. Acha hota agar apki beti apkay jaisi pyari hoti, ye kispe chali gayi hai waisay?

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6. “Haye bechari, danay bhar gaye hain mou pe”

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These intruders ruin your inner peace! DON’T LET THEM COME CLOSE TO YOU! Run away, whenever you see them around! Just run as fast as The Flash. 😀

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