7 Reasons to play APEX LEGENDS right now

Over the past year, the gaming industry has been completely taken over by Battle Royale games. Games such as Call of Duty were forced into launching this mode in their games as well due to a huge demand from the market. But with all these new games including Fortnite, PUBG and others, which do you choose? At TWC, our choice is clear. Apex Legends.

Before we get into why APEX LEGENDS takes the cake, lets first look at what a Battle Royale game is, and what makes the genre good.

A Battle Royale game focuses on Survival. A big group of players is thrown onto an island or area with no weapons or armor, and they fight each other until one remains. It uses Scavenger Hunt-type mechanics since players need to look for weapons and armor in order to do anything. This adds to the pressure of the match. With everyone out to get you, you need to rush to find the right weapons, ammo, attachments and armor to appear victorious.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s explore why Apex Legends is SO MUCH BETTER than every other Battle Royale Game.

1… Its Free!

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Apex Legends is available for Free on Playstation and Xbox.

Gaming has changed in the past decade. Gone are the days when you could torrent a game or get a 25 RS CD to play the latest AAA Releases. Companies now have strict protocols to ensure that you BUY the full game. In a world like that, a free game is refreshing! And that too when the game is so immersive and beautiful. So yeah, grab this incredible game for free right now. Available on Playstation, Xbox and PC. Also, you don’t even need PS Plus! No wonder the game had 50 MILLION players in one month after its launch!

2… The gameplay is to die for!

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Zipline across the map to finish off your opponents swiftly!

Apex Legends is based on the engine used by the highly-underrated game, Titan-fall. While the Titans from the game are not in Apex, it uses the same fluid combat mechanics and first person shooting. That is something that most Battle Royale games do not do well, even titles like PUBG. However, the combat mechanics and gun-play in Apex is immersive, feels realistic and has an incredible amount of flair. Gunfights are ACTUALLY intense and require dexterity and skill.

3… There is no frikkin Dancing, Jumping or building!

Related image
Combat is INTENSE, and requires serious skill!

This was something that REALLY annoyed players in Fortnite. The 11-year old gamer army took over it and focused more on the dancing and cosmetics than the ACTUAL game. Apex ACTUALLY requires some skill. Some would say that the Mine-craft mechanisms of building are missing in this game, I would say its for the best! Taking these two elements out, we are left with a serious, combat focused game.

4…. The Legends.

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Apex lets you choose between 6 characters initially, with the option to unlock 3 more using points.

As the name of the game suggest, players have the option to select Legends. Each legend has a Passive, a Tactical and an Ultimate Ability. Players from DOTA or Overwatch would know that utilizing hero abilities can be the difference between winning and losing a fun-fight. The Heroes are well rounded and offer excellent abilities.

Image result for apex octane legends
Apex added a new Legend, Octance, last week as part of their Battle-pass. Octane is a speedster, and is an unlock-able character,

My Favorite so far is Bloodhound. He acts as a tracker, and really helps in taking out enemies that are hiding or on the run. Also, with his ultimate, you can flank enemies with the enhanced speed and sight, leading to more kills. All in all, over time you will learn to know what to expect when you get into a fight. If I see a Bangalore in a fight, I will KNOW that they will deploy smoke grenades and try to escape. This, again, requires you to stay on your game and make informed decisions.


Image result for apex legend combat
You can Respawn fallen Team-mates in Apex Legends

THAT is where Apex Legends is miles ahead of it’s competitors. Most people have a big reservation with Battle Royale games that if you die once, you are out of the match. However, when you play Apex and are downed, you first have the standard time in which you can be revived by a team-mate. But even when that time ends, your team-mates can take your banner and take it to a portal, where you can be re-spawned. This adds a LOT of excitement to a match. I have had matches where my team-mates and I were in a fight and one guy died. We then had to take their banner, and sneak to a portal without getting into a fight because we would have definitely been at a disadvantage! And when we got our player back, we went in guns-blazing!

6… Team Mates are ACTUALLY important.

Image result for apex team play
Team Mates are an essential part of Apex Legends.

If you must know one thing before getting into Apex, its that you NEED a squad of 3. You can NOT hope to survive for long with a two man squad or solo. I can not begin to explain the frustration when you get into a match with randoms and they go in a totally seperate direction and do not play WITH you. Because, since the game has 3-man squads, most people actually stick to their squad. You can not take out a full squad on your own unless the squad is terrible. Not only that, you need your team-mates to find resources, share ammunition and guns, and even assist in abilities to create a well-rounded force.

Image result for apex ping system
The ping system, while simple, is revolutionary

Not only that, Apex also introduces a Ping feature. This allows you to mark things for your team-mates, and it works with just one button. You can mark resources, enemies, areas to explore and more. This allows for excellent communication, and after playing apex, you will feel a HUGE need for the ping system in other games.

7… Server Availability

Image result for apex server
Server connections are fast.

Battle Royale Games require you to join servers fast. Since you die so much, you will spend a lot of time in queues for matches. An amazing thing about Apex Legends is that it barely takes any time to get out of a match and join another. This takes away the frustration of dying in a match and joining another. The whole process is smooth.

And there you have it. We at TWC LOVE Apex Legends, and we want to know what you think about it. Have you played it yet? Share your moments from the game!

To check out the game yourself, visit the website:


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