8 Bloggers you should follow on Instagram!

Blogging is said to be a rapid evolution of humans painting their life on the web canvases that is surprising all of us with it’s speed! Instagram, being the vastly used social platform, have hundreds of bloggers who strive every single day to keep they’re followers entertained and happy.

From watching a day-to-day shenanigans to reading about their struggles and watching them roam around the streets, it just keeps you engaged.
Be it a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog or a food blog, having a variety of things flooded on your Instagram feeds to watch and somewhat learn from is a good way to go. Isn’t it?

So here is the list of 8 bloggers you should follow for amusing life stories, cooking sessions, makeup tutorials and a whole lot of entertainment!

Kanwal Ahmed- Kanwalful

Kanwal is now a pretty renowned person on the social media. Running the famous page for the women of Pakistan “Soul Sisters Pakistan” on facebook. Her women empowerment campaigns are meant to be appreciated. She, in a way, gave all of the girls a platform to speak up and stand up for themselves. Follow her to know more about the upcoming ventures and inspiring stories!

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I got to hear yesterday that even though, “influence-wise” I was a brand’s “prime choice” for their latest campaign – they had to opt for someone else because I was not “skinny and slim”. Was I upset? Hell, yes. Not at losing the campaign, of course. No one NEEDS a campaign where their body type is not considered good enough. No one needs to work with a brand that only looks for a certain body type, instead of representing and celebrating ALL. I was upset that we were here at the brink of 2019 and people in positions of power were STILL looking to further the same, old bullshit that makes young girls hate themselves. I was upset that a girl would have to look a certain way to be able to fit in to their standards and even though I was going well with their theme, I wasn’t THIN enough to play it. I was upset that even in 2019, at least in our country every time some girls picked up their product they would not be able to find themselves on it. There is literally little to NO representation of the average body type on our media. I’m grateful to the brands who have made an effort to incorporate women of all sizes in their campaigns. But most still don’t. Most designers still don’t care to INCLUDE the rest of us. Most brands only opt for a narrow standard of beauty. Most people in positions of power are party to the problematic narrative of celebrating only a certain body type. Most of us don’t feel represented when we pick up the local magazines or skim through clothing catalogues. Most of us don’t feel great about our bodies. THIS has to change. Because here I am with all the good things I know I have done, STILL being told I’m not good enough against someone who weighs a few pounds less. And that is something I would NEVER want my daughter to hear.

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Mahvish Ahmad (Safarnamay)

Mahvish is known for her impeccable eye for everything beautiful in the world! She continues to inspire her followers by blogging about her every day life and interests. Her content is super interesting and motivating. We simply love how she manages to be the breath of fresh air every time she goes live!

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Every time I see a picture with the two of them smiling, I can’t thank God enough that He let me live on the 5th of June, 2017. There is no greater peace in this world than to see the two of them smiling, together, and in love. My kittens. My mega monsters. And there’s no one who needed me more than these two did. When I think of a reason why extra life was granted to me, I know it was them. So, I want to love them like I am coocoo. I want to love them like I am crazy. 🍁💛🍂 #mybabies #alhamdulillah . P.S. How do you like Bano with 2 fawaras instead of one? 🧐 . . . . . . . . . . #daysofschaffhausen #switzerland #home #life #lahore #karachi #islamabad #dubai #delhi #bombay #love #fun #smile #instatoday #instagood #pakistanibloggers #indianbloggers #me #kids #babies #children #mother #pakistani #mom

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Natasha Qizilbash- If.natcancook

From exotic recipes of a variety of cuisines, she encourages all of her followers to try them out! And lets face it, it is extremely satisfying to watch a wonderful dish cooking. You gotta have a food filled feed if you’re a foodie like us! Lets not waste another second and follow her.

Syeda Urooj Fatima- by.rooj1

A beautiful and young student of dentistry who manages her studies, family and keep all of her followers entertained at the same time! Who doesn’t want to see all the fun filled stories she puts on?! Her stories and posts are filled with love and warmth. You definitely need this positive vibe on your feeds!

Aaniat Khalid- aaniatblog

Her motivating life stories about love, aches and loss are absolutely relatable. The followers are totally hooked by her posts and her style of communication in her stories. Her account is pretty useful for “honest” reviews about your favorite brands or the new brands that we should definitely try!

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I was sad over something a few weeks ago & today, I’ve got new things to be happy about. I feel the happiest these days Masha’Allah. Don’t you love that about life? The ups and downs? The peaks and dips? The feeling of being done with everything… and then coming back even stronger? I remember saying “I hate how my life works!” so many times but things ALWAYS get better, trust me when I say this. Maybe eventually… but they certainly do! We were having a casual discussion in class today over the same topic. About a 100% surety on how there’s dawn after the darkest hours, how there’s light at the end of every tunnel (although some tunnels are just longer than the others). The graph of your life can’t possibly be a straight line. It can’t just go up & up & up all the time or be always on a decline. It will rise and then fall and then, it’ll rise again. And then somebody from the class responded, “A straight line graph is for a dead person” (which is true, yes, if you see it on an ECG Monitor) We’ve all heard talks like this before but time to time reminders are good. It brings us hope again. I’m no writer hehe but if this caption made you feel any better, then my goal’s achieved. ♥️ #StayHopeful #BePositive 📸 @ayeshaijazphotography

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Humna Raza- humnaraza

This amazing woman actually inspires her followers to be grateful, happy and believe in what they love. She is a ray of sunshine in the dark for a lot of people. Humna is full of what this world requires, Positivity!

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a list of facts about me, so here goes (specially for new followers): 1. I worked as a pre-school teacher for about a year and it was the most rewarding and happy job in the world. ❤️ 2. I own a small online business @pvoinspireme that I run on a cyclic model. I’m big on journaling, planning and self awareness, hence the brand. 3. I am a very indecisive person 4. One of my fears is losing the drive, passion and energy I have right now in the process of work and responsibilities. 5. I got married at 21 6. I play Klondike almost every night loool 7. I’ve gained weight and too many of you think I’m pregnant lol 😅😂 8. I believe that no matter how small a task, it should be done with complete energy, focus and honesty. It will have a bigger impact than any big task done half heartedly. 9. I’m passionate about using my voice/words to encourage people to make change within their capacity and push from there hence my hashtag #startwithyourself 10. I’m terrible at math lol. 2+2=8 :p And that’s about it 🙊🤗 Is there any one fact among the above 10 that resonates with you too? Let me know so we can high five on that 😇 #blogging #factsaboutme #pakistaniblogger

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Ayesha Farhad- The Crazy Ammi Blog

As humorous as the name is, Ayesha’s blog is what all mothers are looking for! Her posts about the challenges of looking after a toddler and managing her life so amazingly, inspires all the followers immensely!

Tahleel Gulalai Khan- tahleelk

This pretty dental student never fails to amuse us by her whereabouts and inspiring posts about self-love, women empowerment and mental health. And a cherry on top, she is also a self taught Makeup artist! A fine set of qualities in a single blog!

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Things I learned the hard way: 1) Your education is IMPORTANT. Your grades, your attendance, your performance matters. Your attention in the class matters. 2) Your family should be your number 1 priority. Unless you have a toxic family. Then just prioritise the next best person/company. 3) FSc is way too stressful for vulnerable, exhausted, desperate-to-get-into-a-medschool teenagers. Young adults are just beginning the real academic life and BAM, Mcat depression hits them in the face. 4) People LOVE rumours. Whether it’s slut shaming a young girl, labelling a young boy as a f*ckboy, or just generally making someone miserable. People LOVE it. They feed on it. That shit sells like hot cakes. 5) Medschool is NO joke. You can’t lag and wait for it to be the end of the year and manage the syllabus in a month. It’s a long, lengthy syllabus that needs to be practised simultaneously with the classes to be able to keep up. The competition is REAL. The hustle is REAL. The stress is REAL. And very well worth it in the end. 6) You will break your heart in university. Either it will be a friend or someone else but likh k rakhlo, your heart is about to be torn apart and broken into a million pieces. That shit will hurt. 7) Girls are WAY WAY WAY more thoughtful and receptive to your emotions and feelings than guys. So keep a few loyal girlfriends around if you want to have a good time. 8) Your HOD, their staff, teachers, students, people WILL judge your choice of makeup, clothing, life in general; no matter WHAT you do! But pay NO HEED. Aik kaan se sunke agle se nikal k kaam khatam. BUS!

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For a daily dose of fun, inspiration and motivation, follow all 8 of them!

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