8 struggles of NOT feeling cold in winter

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We are finally there! Winter is upon us, and we at TWC LOOOOOOVE winters. The dry fruits, late night coffee, watching TV in bed, its incomparable. But most of all, it gives us a chance to wear over-sized clothes and not get judged.

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But while there are those among us who raid their winter jackets and socks and thermal PJs, there are those snowflakes who do not feel cold at all, no matter how cold it gets!

And well, as with all unique people, we face criticism wherever we go. Here are some of the struggles of not feeling as cold as everyone else this winter.

Number 1: When your mom says, “Hero mat bano!!!”

Starting off with THE MOST ANNOYING thing people might say to you if they see you walking around in a tshirt in winters. O bhae nahi ban raha hero! And what on Earth is so heroic about wearing a tshirt in winters? If thats all it takes, them im seriously judging all that money Batman spends to be one.

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Number 2: When your friends say, “Itni Sardi may Ice-Cream???”

Ice cream soothes the soul more than soup, doesnt it? Now how is it our fault that we crave ice cream in winters??

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Number 3: When people hold your hands because you are warmer

I mean sure, our hands stay warm even if it is -10 degrees outside, and sure, we like holding hands with our loved ones… but their hands are cold! And it does NOT feel good!

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Number 4: Jackets are itchy!

Because of the fact that we do not feel cold, ANY jacket starts feeling itchy and hot! We can’t look as cool as people who feel cold, and it is so unfair! And well, your mom keeps insisting that you wear one. Jaain tou jaain kahaan?

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Number 5: Socks are just prisons for your feet.

It confounds us that people can actually sleep while wearing socks! And not just any socks. Those thick, woolen ones that make you feel like you dipped your feet in a Jacuzzi!

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Number 6: “Pankha band karo!!”

Alright so imagine you share your room with your brother, and its -2 degrees outside, and your brother keeps the fan on full. What would you do?

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Number 7: Nothing beats a cold shower!

We don’t know how this happens, but taking a cold shower is refreshing all year round. And then there are people who need to have the whole shower full of steam before even stepping in!

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Number 8: We never join the queue in front of the heater.

Huddling over the heater is uncomfortable and suffocating. Then WHY do people literally queue to be in front of the heater as if someone is handing out free food??

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To all winter-lovers out there, unite! Shun the people who make fun of you, and enjoy the winters with pride!!!

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