8 things to watch out for on your wedding

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Planning a “PERFECT” wedding is not possible. So plan a moderate “NOT SO PERFECT” one full of exciting and fun moments. Every wedding may not be a success but there’s this saying;

“No matter what happens, if at the end of your wedding day you are married to the person you love, then it was a roaring success”

True isn’t it?

Marriage is supposed to be a ceremony where two people are united in a beautiful bond. But having a Desi background, The ceremony turns into God knows what!

Having yourself attacked with all the things you were unprepared for is what you have to avoid!

1. Be Careful with the wedding dates!!

No matter how good the centrally air-conditioned banquets are, as soon as it gets filled up with the guests you are going to feel HOT. and specially when it’s Summer!

Keep the weather in mind while setting a date for your big day! You wouldn’t want to ruin it with sweat and definitely wouldn’t want the venue to smell like feet! :’D

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2. You gotta make it to the Dress Trials! NEVER MISS IT!

It would be a NIGHTMARE if your dress doesn’t fit on the wedding day, right? Go to those trials. Make sure you’re satisfied and comfortable in it. If you don’t do that, You might have to stitch the Shervani buttons up so they don’t pop open cause its so tight! or Makes you look like a wandering ghost cause The shirt is so lose!

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3. THE HARDEST DECISION for a Bride! Who is gonna be your Makeup Artist!

Don’t go head over heals for the best MUA in town. Because sometimes even the BEST makeup artists make us regret our decision and cry over the shitload of money they had charged! It’s Kismet. Do a little survey, ask around and choose when you’re satisfied. You wouldn’t want to curse yourself all your life. And then just leave it on a wing and a prayer!

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4. Be ready for “Hamain tho bulaya hi nahi Stage per kisi ne!”

Every other Desi Family have a couple of relatives who are NEVER HAPPY. When you invite them to a wedding “HUH, Hamari chachi ki beti kay nawasay ko tho bulaya nai!” and when you do it all “hum tho kuch boltay nai isiliye hamari izzat nai hai” HAVENT YOU SAID ENOUGH!?!?

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5. Pre-Plan your Honeymoon.

Guys, If you want to avoid the life-long rants, PLAN IT BEFORE EVEN SETTING DATES! 

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6. Hire a GOOD photographer!

Pictures and Videos last a lifetime. No matter how you look or what happened at that day… Your big day is going to be memorable. Even if EVERYTHING goes wrong. Just smile and get all of it captured perfectly. Cause after years of marriage, you would definitely want to relive the moments while looking at those pictures and videos!


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7. Control the BRIDEZELLA in yourself.

Reminding yourself to stay calm and enjoy each moment is gonna do the trick! Its absolutely normal to just lose it once or twice. But try to manage it. THINGS ARE GONNA GO WRONG. You would just have to get past it and have fun with your friends, cousins and rest of the family!

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8. People are going to TALK.

Be prepared for all the criticisms and small fights. *sigh* Its uncontrollable. No measures or precautions. It’s carved in stone! 

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So y’all better watch out for it and BE PREPARED!

Happy wedding season!

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