8 things your phuppo has DEFINITELY said to you

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“Hum Sab Khush thay… aur phir achanak phuppo aa gai” is the most well known phrase in Pakistan. It should probably be added on the first page of our constitution! And the worst thing is, no one knows why this is such a worldwide phenomenon!

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The phuppo/nephew/niece relationship is supposed to be so nice! From a phuppo’s point of view, you are basically the child of her very own brother, but for God knows what reason, this relationship is often the source of undue criticism and… just weird pressure!

Now, we would want whats best for our brother’s children too… but here are some of the top terrorizing lines your phuppos has DEFINITELY said to you at some point in time.

NUMBER 1: “Beta ab tumhari umar ho gai hae, meri dewraani kee beti say shadi kar lou ab”

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NUMBER 2: “Aray, aap hamaaray baghair hee baaraat lay gae?!”

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NUMBER 3: “Beta chaae achi hae… bas color theek nahi hae…”

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NUMBER 4: “Fair and Lovely use kiya karo, warna shadi kon karay ga kaali larki say?”

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NUMBER 5: “Sarak pay cricket khel khel kay kaala ho gaya hae tu”

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NUMBER 6: “Cigarette kee smell aa rahee hae aap kay paas say… kaheen suttay tou nahi lagaatay?”

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NUMBER 7: “Mae jab bhi aati hoon tum bahar phir rahay hotay ho! Ghar pay betha karo!”

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NUMBER 8: “Tumharay abu shaadi say pehlay itnay achay thay, zaroor yeh buri aadatain tumhari ami nay daali hoon gee”

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P.S: This list was created at great personal risk! Keep away from all Phuppos.

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