A Decent Chinese Restaurant in Johar Town?

For those of our readers who do not know us, my wife and I are often found prowling the city looking for our next food adventure. And by that, I do not mean we go to the “BEST” places. We try places that people wouldn’t normally try. That, for us, is the adventure. While at times, this has left us with a considerable amount of pain and lost money, we recently came across a Decent Chinese restaurant in Johar Town that surprised us. Cue, The Red Lantern. (Link to Facebook Page here)

The Lanterns are absolutely gorgeous, aren’t they?

Oh and before we get into that, if you haven’t, check out our review of Galitos Pakistan. That place surprised us too!

Now, let’s jump into it and check out the top qualities you gauge a restaurant on and how the Red Lantern compares.

Location and Ambiance

Accessible and convenient

The restaurant is conveniently located on Johar Town Main Boulevard. That road has pretty much the best eateries in the area. And on top of that, this one is located right next to Second Cup, so you could grab dessert right after a scrumptious dinner!

Simple yet classy.

The ambiance was the real kicker. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful interior. Its simple, yet classy. Gives a feeling of a fancy place. But not too much that you’d feel uncomfortable and under-dressed. So over, 5 stars for the premises!

This wall was really cool! Looks better in person than it does in the picture though.


It was refreshing to see that along with Chinese, they also had Thai Cuisine. In addition to Family style servings, they also have individual serving meals. That gives more diversity when going with a group and everyone wants something different. We appreciate that!


This one was surprising. Along with the Ambiance, excellent taste, and quick serving speed, the price point was actually pretty good! I would rate their pricing smack dab in the middle of their competitors. But then again, while a meal at Arcadian could come over a 1000 per head, this was around 600, which is quite decent.


And finally, the main category. The food taste. I had mixed opinions on this one. The soup we tried was exceptional and was perhaps the most refreshingly different soup we have had in a long time. The restaurant claims to be “Authentic” Chinese and Thai, and it shows. The taste is quite great!

The Schezwan Chicken was spicy and tasty.

The main course was excellent. The serving size was adequate, and the taste was pleasant. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is the best in the city, but for all intents and purposes, it is QUITE decent. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also got some inside news. Apparently, the restaurant recently acquired a chef from a very famous, and quite expensive, restaurant. We won’t tell you which, but their name is in this article somewhere. Take a guess! But from what we heard, this new chef prepares the EXACT same taste as he did in his previous restaurant, and the dishes are priced at 40% lesser. We will be sure to try more things from this restaurants to compare!

And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed reading our review of the Red Lantern. Have you tried it yourself yet? Let us know in the comments what you think about this place! Which is your favorite Chinese restaurant in Lahore?


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