A few helpful points to figure out the perfect gift!

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When you are with someone and spend most of the time together, you know them like the back of your hand, but sometimes you’re clueless about what they would want as a gift. Mutual feeling, huh?
As there must be a thought behind every gift, giving ideas for a perfect gift wouldn’t actually solve the mystery of what does this special someone really wants from you.

This problem just came to a head with some points below that could really help you coming up with the most thoughtful gift, EVER!


Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? So they might just drop hints for you to understand a couple of months from their birthday. Time for you to be attentive to the details! 

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II. Cross-questioning might save you!

While walking through a store you might just happen to ask about what they think about something “Isn’t it cool?” or maybe showing Him/Her pictures of new-launched phones or anything new you think He/She would like to get? 😀

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III. “I’ll get it next month”

There is always that one thing your better-half refrains from getting. SAVE UP FOR IT!

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IV. Keep an eye on his/her belongings..

Be it clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, watches, sweaters, or any electronic gadgets. Stock up with the essentials first! That would be the BEST gift 😀

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V. Talking to friends? EAVESDROP!

When you talk to friends, you tend to  discuss all the things you’ve come across on social media. Sale Alerts, New volumes of clothes in stores, new gadgets etc! So bend an ear and get the ideas!

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VI. Casually peek over the shoulder!

Come on! Accept that you do peek a little when he/she is engrossed in the phone! This time… do it to see whether it’s an online store or just random things. Trust me. It helps! 😀

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VII. Some people just wear their heart on the sleeves!

Literally, that makes it so much easier!! What’s better than knowing what they want on their birthdays!?

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VII. A gift that touches the heart! <3

There might a plenty of ideas for the gift that they really need. But there are quite a few when it comes to a gift which brings back memories! When you’re a couple, you experience a lot together and have LOADS of memories. Walk down that memory lane, choose the best memory together and relive that! Create the exact same memory and THAT IS GONNA BE THE BEST GIFT OF ALL!

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Sometimes spending on the moments is just a better option than spending on over-priced gifts! But again, that depends on how that would make the other person feel!
Look out for all the hints and indications!



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