Beaconhouse and City School under fire for increasing fees!

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In the middle of this year, the Supreme Court of Pakistan showed utmost distress over the shocking amount of fees charged by the renowned private school networks throughout the nation. “Poor people’s children can’t afford to study in the private schools considering the fees that they are charging” The Chief Justice says. As the outcome of the concern, the warning was issued against the schools that if the fees are not lessened, the private institutes will be considered nationalized.

So, on 3rd September 2018, the Sindh High Court (SHC) reigned against the private schools, barring these private school networks from increasing the tuition fees by more than 5%!

The petition was carried out by 600 Parents against these institutions and challenged the rise in the tuition fees in violation of the ordinance! And it worked! SHC has suspended the registration of the two of the most reputable and the largest network of private schools!
Both, Beacon House School System and The City School, were warned a multiple of times and received a notice to obey the SHC orders. They had it coming!

65 campuses of the Beaconhouse school system and around 40 branches of the City school are going to be effected due to this decision.

The directorate’s director general said that if these institutions conform with the court’s order, the suspension can be further reviewed.

A committee of three members was constituted to keep a check on which institute is complying and which is not. On their first visit, they suspended the registrations of two big institutes! Let’s see who’s next on the list?

November 15th, Generation’s School
November 16th, Link’s School Clifton and Happy Home School
November 19th, Foundation Public School
November 22nd, The Froebels International School
November 23rd, Saint Gregory’s High School

Revoking of above-mentioned Schools’ Registration wholly depends on the steps they had or had not taken towards the compliance of Orders

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