Congratulations to all Marvel fans in Pakistan!

After a wave of disappointed comes a wave of happiness. A good news for all the Marvel fans out there! The wait is over and the verdict is now out!

Avengers: Endgame and the rest of the Marvel/Disney movies did NOT meet the same fate as Captain Marvel did!

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Previously, a month before its release, Captain marvel had come to a halt due to some issues over the rights to release from Disney. You can read about it here. And Marvel fans got all worried!

Confirmed by legit sources, It is confirmed that Captain Marvel and Avengers are soon to be hitting the cinemas! Better late than never, right?

The international distribution issues have been solved now. But the release of Avenger: Endgame might still be delayed as there are some issues of unpaid dues between the distributors and exhibitors! Hang in there guys… it’s still releasing!

The local cinemas around the country are also dropping hints with posts about the start of the bookings for the much awaited Marvel and Disney movies!

Atrium Cinemas, Nueplex, Universal Cinemas and Cinepax are soon going to release a Booking date! So don’t let the tickets run out!

Get ready for the run to the nearest or the best cinemas this month!

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