Galito’s Pakistan, the next Nandos?


If you are anything like us, you are always on the look out for the next food adventure. From trying random street food to saving up for that fine-dining experience, we find ourselves ALWAYS thinking about food. And I believe that is primarily because in a city like Lahore, all entertainment activities are actually linked to food! No wonder this city celebrates good food more than any place on earth. Lahore Lahore Ae!

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That being said, do you ever have that craving once in a while for Nandos? Lets face it, very few restaurants in the country make chicken as delicious as Nandos. I mean, who can compete with those mouth-watering Peri Bites, and that deliciously cooked Espetada Chicken? Oh and, they have a PSL deal going right now which doesn’t hit the ol’ wallet so hard.

But then again, call it nostalgia, but I believe Nandos used to be a LOT better a few years ago. For some reason, it feels like their chicken isnt just as good anymore, in terms of freshness or taste. And to add insult to injury, we recently had to wait an hour for our order at their outlet in Emporium mall, which did not help. But then again, that might be an isolated incident and it is totally understandable, but then again, maybe its time for something new right?

So, where do we go to cure our hunger for spicy chicken? Enter Galito’s. Or, let’s see if this rings a bell.

“Galito’s Presents Awesemo Speaks…”

But Galito’s is so much more than just the sponsor for the Khujlee Family. No no, we were very surprised to find that not only do they serve pretty much the same menu as Nandos, but they actually have their own sauces that they import! And yes, they do sell their sauces on their outlets too. Their branding stuff might not be as impressive as Nandos, but oh the taste was so good!

We ordered the old classics, the chicken Espetada and the Half Chicken, with Rice on the side, extra spicy for good measure, and we were NOT dissapointed. The chicken was fresh, the spice was refreshing, and the price tag was actually the same as Nandos, so no harm there either. The rice were a bit different, but the chicken DEFINITELY made up for it.

All in all, while Nandos will always remain the king of Spicy Chicken, we would rank Galito’s as a genuine competitor, and we would definitely consider going to Galito’s for our next food-venture.

Oh and… If anyone from Galito’s reads this… add Peri Bites to the menu and we are yours forever 😀

Have you tried Gallito’s yet? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Galito’s Pakistan, the next Nandos?”

  1. Great read! Enjoyed the article! I have been to Galito’s several times and loved their chicken! IMO, they are the only ones who have gotten close to Nando’s in Pakistan!

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