Pewdiepie throws Major Shade at T-Series

Over the past few months, the biggest creator on Youtube, Pewdiepie, has been in a state of battle with T-Series for the number one spot on YouTube. Let us give you a bit of an over-simplified recap of the situation.

Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, has held the number one spot for the most subscribed Youtube Channel for a long time. His channel started at a time when Video Game Commentary was almost non-existent. He brought a level of Comedy and Entertainment to the genre that has set the tone for the ENTIRE gaming community on the Internet today.

But as stories go, the King was challenged by T-Series, an Indian Conglomorate and Record Label that basically posts Bollywood songs on their Channel. The company gained massive following because of that, and threatened to overtake Pewdiepie in the number of Subscribers.

What ensued was a 3 month long battle between the two, with Pewdiepie’s followers taking up arms to make sure their King stayed ahead. Read more about what happened during this war here. It was quite Epic!

Sadly, a week ago, we saw T-series overtaking Pewdiepie finally. And it looked like the story was over. A huge company had finally overtaken the one-man army from Sweden for the number one spot, and we were learning to accept that reality. But what we had forgotten was there is a reason that Pewdiepie was, and always will be, the King of the Internet!

In a surprise move yesterday, Pewdiepie delivered a new video called “Congratulations T-Series”. This video was just to signify that T-Series had actually “Won” the race. But Pewdiepie being Pewdiepie, this video was a trap! Starting nice and slow, the video soon became a dis-track, and boy he hit T-Series Hard!

Here are a few things he pointed to:

  1. It took a Huge Conglomerate a LONG time to take down One Swedish gamer. That goes to show just how powerful one person could be against an army of corporate stooges.
  2. He references to how T-Series started their company by Pirating songs and making money through that illegal act.
  3. He referenced how T-series executive, Bushan Kumar, is being questioned for Huge Tax evasion and siphoning of hundreds of millions to other countries. All that in order to buy property in his Employee’s names. (REFERENCE)
  4. Oh and the jab at Bushan Kumar again, this time around the Me Too movement. The executive is allegedly accused of Harassment and asking women for favors in order to get movie deals. Bushan has denied the allegations though. (REFERENCE)
  5. He also references a Cease and Desist from T-series.

WOW WOW WOW! This video just goes to show that the King is the King for a reason. This attack/dis-track shows precision and tactics. While the track itself is light and in good-faith, the content of the track is nothing more than a big attack!

But the video is more than that. Near the end, the music dies down, and we see a clean-shaved, solemn Pewdiepie. Saying that he loves how his followers have supported him over all these years. Pewdiepie basically came from nothing, and he has become a world-wide sensation, all on his own. Felix has not been safe from Controversies, which have resulted to a lot of loss for him in terms of money and following. But he has always been the Champion of the people. And as the video ends, he says this:

“Its been a wild-ride, and while I can still be heard… Here’s one last Bro-fist, from the Number One in the World”


That last line was delivered with such passion, such emotion, that it can break any Pewdiepie fan down. I personally have been following the guy since he did his Amnesia series, and to see him rise and now be in this situation, it fills me with joy, pride, and sorrow. And it looks like, im not alone!

As expected, the video has BLOWN UP on Youtube. As of right now, it has 21 MILLION VIEWS! People loved it! From the Dissing of T-Series, to the moving message, people were NOT ready to stop showering the celebrity with love. Check out the Live Sub Count.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like the battle is not over! As of writing this article, Pewdiepie is 150,000 subscribers ahead of T-series! The People have spoken, and Felix is once again, the Number One on YouTube.

And that’s the story. There has been backlash from a lot of people in India ofcource, and around the world. but the truth remains. The King is the King, and we hope he stays there for good!

What do you think about this video? Do you think it is too much? Let us know in the comments!

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