The Secret behind the dewy and sculpted skin of the Victoria’s Secret Models.

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Watching the Victoria’s Secret Models’ looking so flawless with a remarkable skin glow, plumped up lips, red-tinted cheeks and arched eyebrows make you look at yourself and think.. What are they doing that makes them look so good???

Worry not our avid readers, because we have found the real secret behind their beautiful skin, and you are about to find out what it is!!

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Mzia Shiman, a renowned skin expert and hailed as “The Skin Whisperer”, works on all the VS models’ skin and gives them her famous Oxygen infusion and LED light therapy a few days before the fashion show. And they walk out with that dewy and sculpted skin.

This best-kept secret miracle happens after the 30 minutes long facial which includes oxygen infusion and LED light therapy. The models walk out of the spa with an amazing glow, beautifully arched eyebrows and lifted up skin! “The approach is mainly focused on de-puffing and hydrating the skin, gently”, she told Megan Decker from Refinery29.


It all Starts with Light Therapy

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Mzia Shiman is a true believer of LED light therapy and she swears by it. FYI, the Light therapy is the treatment through emission of specific wavelengths of each light in order to stimulate or activate different cellular responses in the skin which contributes to rapid effects. Red light soothes inflammation whereas blue light fights Acne and green light brightens the skin by reducing the production of melanin. The red Light further enhances the collagen and elastin production, hence resulting in tight and lifted up appearance.
She even offers a 40 minutes long full body light treatment as well for the instant relief in pain and puffiness for the models.

It ends with Oxygen Infusion

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They say for every model she has a custom-tailored Skin care treatment depending on their skin types. Mostly, she uses different serums like Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid rich ones. To penetrate these serums deep into the skin layers the oxygen power is used. “Skin is like a sponge, the more you put in, the more it opens up and plumps!” she tells to the Vogue.

Oh that 72 hours Glow!

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Just like every Cinderella has her midnight spell, the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ have theirs. The facial effect lasts for just 72 hours! For those hours, they have tightened, perfectly hydrated and defined skin with which they can go out without any makeup on!

So what are you waiting for? If you want skin like your favorite VS Model, follow their regimen today, and start strutting your stuff!


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