12 Things Every Girl Does When She Has a Crush!

Experiencing an unexpected and extreme attraction towards someone you hardly know, tends to make you rush to your friend to gush about the “secret crush”.

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Almost every other girl in this whole world, at some point in her life, has had a crush that would’ve felt so strong! With plenty of good feelings, this comes with a drawback. You ACTUALLY do things you wouldn’t have even thought of doing in your wildest dreams! *Sorry, not sorry*

So girls, get a bag of popcorn and enjoy these 12 out of numerous things we have done shamelessly when having a crush on a guy!

1. Stare at him with those crazy eyes.

And as soon as you’re about to have an eye contact you sheepishly start looking around, trying your best to look innocent! 😀

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2. Stalk him at every social media platform!

A Crush brings out a next-level stalker from within you! Looking at pictures is just not enough! We have to know each friend who is tagged or has commented on his profile… especially girls :’D

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3. Look your best when there is even a 1% chance of bumping into your crush!

In hopes of getting noticed, you give an extra 10 minutes for the last touch up before heading out!

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4. Daydreaming about your ‘him’…

You create a whole story about what it would be like actually dating your crush. Picturing every other moment and conversations!

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5. You stammer when he talks to you.

How can you utter a single word when with his every single word your heart is skipping a beat??
Even if he’s talking about school! you just can’t help it!

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6. You go to places where you know you’ll see him

Time to take out your best outfit, but go easy on that blush though. Cause you would naturally have some on with your crush around!

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7. Raving about a reply from your crush!

The only thing you want to see on your phone is a text notification from your crush!! RUN TO YOUR BFF! you might need his/her help to reply without making a fool out of yourself!

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8. Research what he likes to get a topic to break the ice!

Having all the necessary information about games and movies that he is into, just to keep the conversation going on and on!

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9. When you know your crush is dating someone… and they fight!

YOU BELONG WITH MEEE- TAYLOR SWIFT playing in the backgroud and you go crazy!

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10. You and your friend have a code name for your crush!

A song or some word to alert the friend when your crush is around!

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11. Going through the conversations with your friend!

Re-reading all the conversations with him again and again for days just to analyse if he loves you or not!

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12. You remember and recall every single interaction with your crush!

Its just there! This skill of not forgetting anything even slightly related to your crush!

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All the girls out there crushing over guys, You gotta do what you gotta do! You shouldn’t be guilty about it. Enjoy it instead!

What were those borderline creepy things you did around your crush? Spill in the comments below!

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