TrashTag – A Challenge we desperately need!

Recently, a new trending challenge has popped on all the social media platforms. The Trashtag challenge

Finally a hashtag social challenge that doesn’t involve insane stupidity but is actually good for the environment.

So what is this new trending challenge that people are talking about?

The Trashtag Challenge is the simplest challenge ever. As seen in the post above, you just need to take two photos and join them together and post it on social media. The first photo needs to be of a place where there is nothing but uncleaned trash, and the second is where you clean it all up and show your efforts. This challenge was started by Byron Roman of Arizona, and people all over the world are going crazy for it. It fills our hearts with Joy to see so much positivity on the internet!

Pakistan is a perfect spot to make this trend go super viral! Mainly because
we are not unaccustomed to the filthy habit of throwing garbage on streets and public places. We desperately need to take matters into our own hands and clean our streets and make our country beautiful.

Pakistan is a green country with a green flag, and I believe this challenge is the next #GreenChallenge that resonates with what the country is all about.

Let’s see how many of us are the Byron’s of Pakistan. Spread the Trashtag Challenge as far and wide as you can! And if you are awesome enough to do it yourself, send us your pictures and we will feature you on our page.

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