Withdrawing from the Lux Style Awards is so in!

When there are Lux Style Awards, there have to be controversies. They just go hand in hand!

The Model Eman Suleman, took to social media (her Instagram account) to discuss walking out of the nominations which includes an alleged harasser. She is loved by her followers for her opinionated posts. It was March 30th, when Eman voiced her opinion about this matter:

Following her footsteps, Saima Bargfrede and the clothing brand GENERATION stood with Eman and boycotted LSA! e

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Meesha Shafi’s silence on this matter took everybody by surprise, but she broke the silence on 23rd April and thanked Eman, Saima and Generation for supporting her and felt that this support is an award itself!

Last year Meesha Shafi spoke up about harassment and accused a fellow singer Ali Zafar for sexually harassing her more than one time when the #MeToo movement was getting a lot of attention. This movement was against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Moreover, next in the line was the Folk rock band “The Sketchers” who stood up with the #MeToo movement and posted an official statement. They stated:
Even after being silenced, threatened, mistreated, and judged, women in Pakistan are rising too. They are stepping down from LSA because they stand with survivors of sexual harassment. Without passing judgment on any individual’s character, the band considers it our responsibility to applaud & encourage these brave women to speak and be heard.”

After the Band’s statement went viral of stepping down and boycotting the Lux Style Awards, the famous film director, Jami Azad dumped his Lux award for his film “Moor” on the roadside! Showing his support for Women, Posted on twitter saying:

“Lux Award for the best film “Moor” is now on the road outside my gate. We believe and stand by our Women stories!”

And another nominee, the celebrity makeup artist, Fatima Nasir did the same!

It started with Eman Suleman, now every other celebrity nominees are withdrawing their nominations one after the other!

So, if you are on the lookout for the latest trends in the industry, Withdrawing from the LUX Style awards is sooooo in!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think these withdrawals are justified and they would bring some positive changes? Let us know in the comments!

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